by Stonex, Emma

A debut non-pseudonymous novel of psychological suspense, based on true events, follows the experiences of three wives on a remote Cornish Coast tower when their lighthouse-keeper husbands go mysteriously missing.

Emma Stonex is a novelist and The Lamplighters is her debut under her own name; she is the author of several books written under a pseudonym. Before becoming a writer, she worked as an editor at a major publishing house. She lives in Bristol with her husband and two young daughters.

*Starred Review* Stonex's story is based on a real-life event in 1900, when three lighthouse keepers disappeared from their remote lighthouse in the Outer Hebrides and were never seen again. This tale begins on New Year's Eve 1972 and focuses on Arthur, Bill, and Vince, the keepers at an isolated lighthouse off the Cornish coast. Just before they're due home for shore leave, they disappear. Fast-forward 20 years, and the three men's families are still in limbo because the mystery of what happened has never been solved. Now, however, a respected author has decided to investigate. He finds three women who have dealt very differently with the men's disappearance, but all three are still haunted by it. What might have happened is seen through flashbacks and the individual stories told by the missing keepers. Stonex's unique tale juxtaposes oddly compelling reality-the daily challenges of being a lighthouse keeper for the men and their families-against a series of strange, poignant, near-mystical happenings that will pull readers in and keep them mesmerized right to the end. A fine read. Copyright 2021 Booklist Reviews.

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