Unkindness of Ravens
by Hilliard, M. E.

When she stumbles upon the body of her best friend - a death that could be linked to several others, librarian Greer Hogan employs what she has read in detective novels to investigate until she realizes that she may have helped convict an innocent man in her own husband's murder.

M. E. is currently a full-time librarian who started out in retail merchandising. Her first job was as an assistant buyer at Lord & Taylor, where her glamour position involved office space in the basement of the Fifth Avenue store. After twelve years of mergers, consolidations, and moves around the country, she went to graduate school and got a Master of Library Science
degree. She has been in the information business ever since, working for public libraries small and large. Originally from the Connecticut shoreline, she has never lost her love of quaint small towns, big cities, and fashion, so she indulges that in her writing. A life-long lover of mystery fiction, M. E. currently lives and works in Florida.

*Starred Review* Meet Greer Hogan-New York City executive turned small-town reference librarian, mystery-novel enthusiast, and grieving widow. When Greer stumbles over a dead body at Raven Hill, a Gothic-style mansion renovated into the town's public library, she is devastated, both because the victim is a former schoolmate and friend, and also because the corpse isn't the first one Greer has discovered. Her husband, also murdered, owns that distinction. Naturally, Greer's proximity to a pair of dead bodies, both of whose murders are unsolved, makes her a person of interest to the police. Using her skills in reference work and taking advantage of help from a sympathetic police detective, Greer begins her own investigation, following clues left by her murdered friend and proving herself to be a gifted amateur sleuth. What Greer doesn't count on is the killer tracking her efforts and coming after her. Hilliard's crime-fiction debut is a smash and includes exciting hints at a sequel. Thrilling, fast-paced, quick-witted, and full of nostalgic references to Greer's beloved literary detectives, The Unkindness of Ravens will please fans of Christie's Poirot and Marple, Louise Penny's Armand Gamache, and, especially, Sherlock Holmes. Highly recommended for all library collections. Copyright 2021 Booklist Reviews.

The murder of her husband drives a highflier to change careers and flee to a small townâ?"where the killing continues. Since leaving behind a well-paying job in Manhattan, Greer Hogan works at the broodingly gothic Raven Hill Public Library in upstate New York. When the body of Joanna Goodhue lands at her feet, it brings back unsettling memories of her husband's murder. A suspect was convicted, but Greer still has her doubts about his guilt. Greer was Joanna's Resident Assistant at NYU, but they'd lost touch until Greer landed the library job. Unable to put her friend's murder behind her, Greer resolves to use her research skills to unearth possible motives. The police are naturally suspicious of Greer, and the husband is always high on the list of suspects, but Joanna's death may be a good deal more complicated than it appears, with tangled roots in the past. The town is split between funding a new library and keeping the quirky old place so many love, but Greer can't believe that quarrel could amount to a motive for murder. She's made enough new friends to soak up gossip about the past. One of the police investigators is impressed by what she's learned but warns her to be careful, advice she'll ignore at her peril. As she discovers more clues, Greer is targeted by a killer desperate to avoid capture. An angst-filled debut with plenty of red herrings and a nice setup for a sequel. Copyright Kirkus 2021 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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