Simple Murder
by Castillo, Linda

Long Lost
A Hidden Secret
Seeds of Deception
Only the Lucky
In Dark Company
In Plain Sight

Collected for the first time, an anthology of six previously published Kate Burkholder stories includes "Long Lost," "A Hidden Secret," "Seeds of Deception," "Only the Lucky," "In Dark Company" and "In Plain Sight."

LINDA CASTILLO is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Amish set Kate Burkholder mystery series. The first book, Sworn to Silence, was adapted into a Lifetime original movie titled An Amish Murder starring Neve Campbell as Kate Burkholder. Castillo is the recipient of numerous industry awards including a nomination by the International Thriller Writers for Best Hardcover, the Mystery Writers of America's Sue Grafton Memorial Award, and an appearance on the Boston Globe's shortlist for best crime novel. In addition to writing, Castillo's other passion is horses. She lives in Texas with her husband and is currently at work on her next book.

To assure public safety, a small-town police chief must deal with a variety of problems, as Kate Burkholder of Painters Mill, Ohio, does in these six short stories. A romantic weekend with partner John Tomasetti has Kate nervous about their relationship, but it turns into a busman's holiday when the pair become intrigued by a ghost story involving a missing woman in "Long Lost.""Seeds of Deception" features Kate at 14 as she tries to solve a crime, a situation that portends her future. In other stories, she tackles cases involving a teenager assaulted at a large Amish party during a power outage and tries to help a woman fearing for her life who can't remember her attacker because of amnesia. As usual, Kate's Amish background serves her well in the largely Amish Painters Mill, as she ferrets out secrets involving both members of her former faith and the "English," or non-Amish, population. This thirteenth Burkholder appearance may be a bit less satisfying than her more robust novels, but a plate of Burkholder appetizers is appealing in its own way. Copyright 2021 Booklist Reviews.

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