Transient Desires
by Leon, Donna

Investigating a mysterious boating accident outside his jurisdiction, commissario Guido Brunetti and his colleague, Claudia Griffoni, discover that one of the suspects is associated with Laguna's sinister underworld. By the award-winning author of Trace Elements.

Donna Leon, born in New Jersey in 1942, has worked as a travel guide in Rome and as a copywriter in London. She taught literature in universities in Iran, China, and Saudi Arabia. Commissario Brunetti made her books world-famous. Donna Leon lived in Italy for many years, and although she now lives in Switzerland, she often visits Venice.

*Starred Review* Leon's devoted audience may be shocked to realize that this latest Guido Brunetti novel is the thirtieth in the series, which only goes to show that sometimes abiding relationships never lose the shock of the new. While we are supremely comfortable in Brunetti's world, Leon regularly gives us something unexpected to ponder-in the cases Brunetti tackles as a police commissario in Venice, in the lovingly yet nuanced portrait of his family life, or in his own, often melancholy musings on human frailty. This time we encounter familiar themes-the insidiousness of prejudice, the insularity of Venetians-as Brunetti and fellow commissario Claudia Griffoni (whose enlarged role has added spice to recent installments) investigate the circumstances surrounding two American tourists, young women, who were driven to a hospital, then abandoned, both seriously injured. It takes little time for Brunetti to track down the two young men responsible, but, as so often happens in this series, that simple fact leads not only to a more horrendous crime, but also to a complex interpersonal situation. The big surprise this time, however, is the finale: a rousing action scene involving a night boat chase in the laguna. All the introspective human drama we expect from Leon, with an adrenaline booster as well!HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: This landmark thirtieth Guido Brunetti novel demonstrates that Leon's beloved series shows no signs of aging. Copyright 2021 Booklist Reviews.

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