Dear Librarian
by Sigwarth, Lydia M.; Galotta, Romina (ILT)

With nowhere to call home, Lydia finally finds a place she belongs when she visits the library and befriends the librarian who introduces her to a world beyond their walls. 50,000 first printing. Illustrations.

Lydia M. Sigwarth is an author and children's librarian in Wisconsin. Being a librarian has been her dream job since she was a small child. She currently lives in Platteville, Wisconsin with her family. Dear Librarian is her debut picture book.

Romina Galotta is an illustrator, ardent animal lover, passionate foodie, and world traveler. She is also the artist for The Biggest Thing of All. She currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A love letter to a children's librarian. Title notwithstanding, this fond semi-memoir focuses not so much on how a librarian fostered a love of books and reading (though there is some of that) as on how a library changed one child's life. Looking back on a time when her large, White family had no house or home aside from overcrowded temporary lodgings with relatives, the correspondent recalls discovering her local library. Within, there was space enough for all, toys and a puppet stage amid the shelves, a large window for people-watching, and a welcoming children's librarian (also White, clad in a skirt and a fuzzy cardigan). The librarian was always good for a warm hug, listened to what she said, and made her feel "safe and happy." Inspired to give others the same sort of "Library Home," the child (like the author) grows up to be a librarian, and in closing scenes she appears as a cardigan-clad adult, tending attentively to a racially diverse group of smiling young visitors. Along with portraying both librarians as calm, self-confident sorts, Galotta enriches the nostalgic undertones with glimpses of lush flowers, tiny robots, a dragon, and other imaginary elements. In an afterword with photos Sigwarth describes the reunion recorded on the NPR program This American Life that sparked her tribute. (This book was reviewed digitally.) A cogent, warming reminder that public libraries have always been more than just repositories for books. (Picture book. 6-8) Copyright Kirkus 2021 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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