Red Book
by Patterson, James; Ellis, David

Launching an investigation of his own when his instincts tell him that more is behind a political shooting on Chicago's west side, SOS Detective Billy Harney uncovers a spate of murders connected to his troubled past. 520,000 first printing.

James Patterson is the world's bestselling author. The creator of Alex Cross, he has produced more enduring fictional heroes than any other novelist alive. He lives in Florida with his family.
David Ellis is a justice of the Illinois Appellate Court and the author of nine novels, including Line of Vision, for which he won an Edgar Award, and The Hidden Man, which earned him a 2009 Los Angeles Times Book Prize nomination.

The incredibly prolific Patterson gets a lot of flack for the sheer number of coauthored books he releases over the course of a year, but his books continue to attract a devoted audience. This sequel to 2017's The Black Book, also written with Edgar Award-winner Ellis (the author of several well-received novels of his own), picks up soon after The Black Book ends. Cleared of a charge of double homicide but still reviled by many of his colleagues, Detective Billy Harney returns to the Chicago Police Department and is surprised to learn that he's being transferred to a newly created strike force. Stuck with an abrasive new partner (she doesn't exactly hide her distaste for him), Billy must navigate an investigation into a quadruple homicide while doing his best to put his life back together. The book is crisply written in Patterson's familiar style, and Billy is definitely one of Patterson's more interesting recent creations. Not merely a solid sequel but also a fine thriller in its own right. Copyright 2021 Booklist Reviews.

Patterson and Ellis put their characters through hell in this hard-edged second installment of their Black Book series after The Black Book (2017). A young girl is one of four people gunned down in a "very, very bad" K-Town drive-by shooting in Chicago. Police are under intense political pressure to solve it, so Detective Billy Harney is assigned to the Special Operations Section to put the brakes on the gang violence on the West Side. His new partner is Detective Carla Griffin, whom colleagues describe as "sober as an undertaker" and "as fun as a case of hemorrhoids." And she looks like the last thing he needs, a pill popper. (But is she?) Department muckety-mucks want Harney to fail, and Griffin is supposed to spy on him. The poor guy already has a hell of a backstory: His daughter died and his wife committed suicide (or did she?) four years earlier, he‚??s been shot in the head, charged with murder (and exonerated), and helped put his own father in prison. (Nothing like a tormented hero!) Now the deaths still haunt him while he and Griffin begin to suspect they‚??re not looking at a simple turf war starring the Imperial Gangster Nation. Meanwhile, the captain in Internal Affairs is deep in the pocket of some bad guys who run an international human trafficking ring, and he loathes Harney. The protagonist is lucky to have Patti, his sister and fellow detective, as his one reliable friend who lets him know he‚??s being set up. The authors do masterful work creating flawed characters to root for or against, and they certainly pile up the troubles for Billy Harney. Abundant nasty twists will hold readers‚?? rapt attention in this dark, violent, and fast-moving thriller. Top-drawer crime fiction. The authors are tough on the hero, but the hero is tough. Copyright Kirkus 2020 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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