Arctic Storm Rising
by Brown, Dale

Exiled to guard a remote radar post along Alaska's Arctic Frontier, U.S. Air Force intelligence officer Nicholas Flynn, after an American F-22 collides with a Russian interloper, is ordered to find a missing stealth bomber before the enemy and prevent a potential nuclear holocaust.

Brown, whose Patrick McLanahan thrillers have built him a large fan base, launches a new series. Nick Flynn is a disgraced U.S. Air Force intelligence operative, exiled to an assignment in Alaska. But wouldn't you know it: a new Russian stealth bomber on its maiden flight crashes into the Alaskan mountains, and it falls to Flynn to locate the missing aircraft before the Russians can get to it. There may be new characters and a new story here, but otherwise Brown sticks to what's been working: a huge cast (most of whom, except for the leads, are thinly drawn), terminology-heavy prose, nods to real-world tech (the missing plane is a PAK-DA, a real Russian plane currently in development), and a writing style that gets right to the point without any stylistic flair. The author's fans will give this one an enthusiastic thumbs-up, but readers who've never found Brown to be their cup of tea won't change their minds. Copyright 2021 Booklist Reviews.

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