Like a Dandelion
by Lee, Huy Voun

"Like feathery seeds, a young girl and her mother take flight, putting down roots in an adopted country. Soon they blossom in their new home, strong and beautiful among hundreds of others just like them"-

Using the metaphor of the hardy dandelion's passage from seed to flower, the author traces her Cambodian family's journey from a winter refugee camp in Thailand to their new home in America. Digitally created art in rich tones and soft pastel hues combines with simple text to illustrate their voyage and arrival at an apartment in the city. "Like feathery seeds . . . they find a new home even in the tiniest space." At her new school, the young girl is shy at first, but like a flower, she raises her face to the sun and rain, and flowers into friendship with her schoolmates as the seasons advance. Her family's bravery and strength are mirrored in the small but mighty dandelion, happily planted in the soil. Back matter explains the value of the dandelion over the centuries and shows a photo of Lee and other children in the refugee camp. A testimony to one immigrant's positive outlook on America and the home she found. Preschool-Grade 2. Copyright 2021 Booklist Reviews.

An ode to the courage and resilience exhibited by refugee immigrants, inspired by the author's own experiences. The journey of a child and their caregiver making a new home in an unfamiliar country is explored in poetic form using a powerful simile. Readers meet the small family as they arrive in winter and fortify themselves with comforting reminders and traditions from their home. Come spring, a new beginning unfolds, ripe with possibilities for connection that become fully realized in summer. In autumn, the journey comes full circle as the child welcomes new faces with kindness. The narrative is conveyed in brief yet lyrical lines, every word resonating with purpose and meaning. The comparison of a blooming dandelion with the immigrant experience beautifully illustrates the strength, versatility, and ability to thrive in harsh conditions each exemplifies. The bright, bold use of color vividly evokes the seasons and accompanying emotions felt by the young child. The summer double-page spread bursts with joyous yellows, greens, and blues that shine with contentment and community. Throughout, the images, textures, and patterns create richly vibrant scenes that complement the simplicity of the text. The child and caregiver are cued as Cambodian, with light beige skin and black hair. Secondary characters are depicted in a diverse mix of skin tones and hair colors. (This book was reviewed digitally with 10-by-20-inch double-page spreads viewed at 23.2% of actual size.) An uplifting and heartfelt reflection that embodies the unwavering spirit of refugee immigrants. (author's note, photo) (Picture book. 5-8) Copyright Kirkus 2021 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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