Every Vow You Break
by Swanson, Peter

A bride's dream honeymoon with her beloved millionaire groom is upended by the appearance of an obsessive one-night stand who would claim her for himself. By the award-winning author of The Kind Worth Killing. 75,000 first printing.

Lots of thriller writers know how to set a hook, but Swanson isn't satisfied with just one; the further we go into his devilishly twisty tales, the more hooks he sets, and the harder we bite down on the line. This time we start out on what seems like familiar ground: then-bride-to-be Abigail had a booze-fueled one-night stand during her bachelorette party and is now being stalked by the man with whom she dallied. Fatal Attraction, right? Well, maybe, but we quickly see there's more to it than that. Something seems a little off on the idyllic honeymoon island where Abigail and husband Bruce are ensconced (and it isn't just the lurking presence of the stalker). Naturally, there's no internet on the island (the resort bills itself as a screen-free getaway), but the landlines aren't working, either. And why are there so few women on the island? The woman-in-peril theme is in grave danger of overexposure right now, but Swanson does force the resourceful Abigail to run a doozy of a gauntlet, and we're panting along beside her all the way. Copyright 2021 Booklist Reviews.

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