Act Your Age, Eve Brown : A Novel
by Hibbert, Talia

When his life is taken over by a purple-haired tornado of a woman named Eve Brown, B&B owner Jacob Wayne tries to fight his attraction to this sunny, chaotic woman who is his natural-born enemy. Original. 75,000 first printing.

*Starred Review* Despite being multitalented and initially successful in every endeavor, it is impossible for Eve Brown to stick to one career path. Now her usually supportive parents present Eve with an ultimatum: her trust fund is cut off until she stays employed for one year. As luck would have it, an adorable bed and breakfast in the Lake District is looking for a new chef and Eve is determined to get the job in spite of the exacting owner, Jacob Wayne, whom she accidentally injures after a brutal interview. While Jacob nurses a broken arm, guilt pushes Eve to throw all her talents into cooking, cleaning, and generally making Jacob's guests feel right at home. For someone on the autism spectrum who finds most people insufferable, Jacob recognizes that Eve is a glowing exception to his rule and that her free-spirited inability to focus on one thing is a sign that she might be more like him than she realizes. Their biting banter and saucy looks will delight readers who enjoy a good enemies-to-lovers tale that doesn't shy away from epic sex scenes or raw emotions. Hibbert concludes the brilliant Brown Sisters series, following Get a Life, Chloe Brown (2019) and Take a Hint, Dani Brown, (2020), on high a note. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

A British woman takes a job as a chef at a bed-and-breakfast owned by a handsome, grumpy man. Eve Brown has always struggled to finish what she startsā?"university, jobs, relationships. After her latest job-related disaster, her parents give her an ultimatum: They're cutting off their financial support until she can hold down a job. Furious and embarrassed at disappointing herself and her family again, Eve takes off in her car and ends up a few hours away in the Lake District. On a lark, she applies for a job as a cook at a bed-and-breakfast, but owner Jacob Wayne can just tell that Eve is too inexperienced and undisciplined for the job. When an unexpected accident leaves Jacob with no choice but to hire her, though, they're forced to work together to keep the bed-and-breakfast running. There isnā??t much of a plot; instead, itā??s all situational: How will these two people coexist despite their differences? Eve is caring but plagued by insecurities while Jacob is taciturn and methodical. Jacob, who has autism, helps Eve realize her own place on the spectrum. Eveā??s journey to understanding her fears is sweet, and Jacobā??s belief in her as a caring, capable adult is the stuff romance heroes are made of. Hibbert has a gift for writing truly funny dialogue and genuinely tender emotional moments. Full of heart and humor, this is a sexy, satisfying end to a beloved series. Absolutely charming. Copyright Kirkus 2021 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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