Pinterest : How Ben Silbermann & Evan Sharp Changed the Way We Share What We Love
by Waters, Rosa

1 Beginnings
2 Starting Small
3 Growing Fast
4 The Future of Pinterest
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Series Glossary of Key Terms60(2)
About the Author and Picture Credits64

Provides background on the founders of Pinterest, describing how and why they developed the website, how it works, and what is planned for the future.

More hagiography than analytical history or a handbook for budding Internet entrepreneurs, this strike-it-rich entry in the Wizards of Technology series describes the basic notion behind Pinterest and follows its explosive growth from its launch in early 2010 to becoming the third largest social media website in 2012. Though Waters only sparsely covers some biographical and career details, she does detail acquisitions through the end of 2013, close with hints of Pinterest's future developments, and provide, overall, a potentially inspiring case study of an Internet start-up that became (and still is) an investors' darling. The color photos are largely filler, but sets of review questions and ideas for research projects are interspersed throughout, and the list of resources at the end will be helpful both to assignment-driven readers and prospective Pinterest users. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

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