In a Blink
by Thorpe, Kiki; Christy, Jana (ILT)

A first entry in a new chapter book series for early reader Disney Fairies fans introduces Kate, Mia, Lainey and Gabby, who are whisked away from their everyday lives to Never Land, where they become Lost Girls and are in no hurry to return home, despite the assistance of Queen Clarion and Tinker Bell. Simultaneous.

KIKI THORPE spent much of her childhood reading, daydreaming, and searching for fairies in the forests of Idaho-pastimes that were good training for writing children's books. She is the author of several books for young readers, including the New York Times bestseller In a Blink, the first book in the Never Girls series. She lives with her husband, Greg, and their two children in San Francisco.

Young Kate McCrady, her friends Lainey and Mia, and Mia's younger sister, Gabby, hear silvery bells, view flying flamingos, and feel an ocean breeze, and then they are magically whisked away-in a blink-to Pixie Hollow, Never Land's home to fairies, including Tinker Bell. The fairies agree to transport the girls back home, but before that can occur, Kate sneaks away for a rendezvous with Vidia, a fast-flying fairy with a nasty agenda. As the book concludes, the girls (called "Clumsies" by the fairies) are stuck in Never Land, happily awaiting further adventures. This new series builds on the popularity of existing fairies titles (including Thorpe's Tink in a Fairy Fix, 2011) that promote the Disney version of Never Land. Each fairy has his or her own talent (Tinker Bell mends pots and pans, while Rain is in charge of weather), making the characters easy to remember. Short chapters, a large font, and plentiful black-and-white illustrations make this book accessible to beginning chapter-book readers. Recommended where demand for fairies is high. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

Four friends become lost girls when they land in Never Land. Kate, Mia and Lainey are best friends who go on the ride of their lives when Mia's little sister, Gabby, grabs a fairy and they land in Never Land, with no way to return to their soccer-playing life. Now they are just Clumsies in the land of fairies, and they must rely on Tink (yes, that Tink) to help them find their way home. All fairies in this world have a talent; Tink is a fixing fairy, though a rather grumpy one. Tink's plan to send the girls back goes awry when Kate jealously steals fairy dust and flies away. The worldbuilding is weak (convenient changes happen to the island whenever the plot demands it), and the characters develop in ways that strain credulity (Tink quickly flips from irritation to shedding a tear when the four girls prepare to leave). Bland black-and-white illustrations show three of the girls as whisper-thin, stylish middle graders, with only Gabby having a real personality and healthy shape. The cliffhanger ending lets everyone know that this is the first of many adventures in Never Land. Fairy-crazy girls will embrace this series. Others will see it for what it is: a lightweight offspring of other watered-down Peter Pan stories. (Fantasy. 6-10) Copyright Kirkus 2012 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

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