David Beckham : Gifted and Giving Soccer Star
by Roselius, J. Chris

A biography of British soccer player David Beckham contains information about his sports career as well as his philanthropic activities off the field.

Aimed at confirmed soccer fans who can follow sentences like Real Madrid, however, owned the tiebreaker because of its 1-0-1 record against Barcelona, this profile of the sport's best-known active player recaps career highlights through midsummer of 2009. Though Roselius pays lip service to the premise of the Sports Stars Who Give Back series by tallying Beckham's statements and activities on behalf of UNICEF, Children's Corners in Malawi, and other charities, the focus is mainly divided between on-field heroics (or, in several cases, outbursts) and the athlete's off-field status as celebrity tabloid fodder. Drawn entirely from published sources (judging by the extensive endnotes), illustrated with noncandid color photos, and laced with sound-bite quotes, this may not put Beckham's achievements in historical perspective or afford fresh insights into his character, but it will serve as a functional replacement for out-of-date biographies. Copyright 2010 Booklist Reviews.

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