Albert Einstein : Genius Of The Twentieth Century
by Lakin, Patricia; Daniel, Alan (ILT); Daniel, Lea (ILT)

Offers a look at the childhood of this world-famous genius who overcame obstacles and challenges in his early years to grow into the man celebrated for his incredible scientific work with light and energy. Simultaneous.

Patricia Lakin, a former elementary school teacher and an award-winning author, has written more than fifty published works. Her books, both fiction and nonfiction, span multiple age groups&;from toddlers to middle graders. Patricia lives in New York City with her husband, Lee Koenigsberg. They have two grown sons, Aaron and Benjahmin. When not reading, writing, or researching, she can be found traveling with Lee to far-off places in the world.

Gr. 2-4. It's hard to believe that a life and work as complicated as Einstein's could be distilled to a Ready-to-Read chapter book, but Lakin does a fine job of highlighting the important moments, with equal focus on Einstein's early life and later successes. His three major discoveries-photons, e = mc2, and the general theory of relativity-are each given a crisp, one-page treatment that will work well for the target age group as well as older readers. The attractive watercolors seem to have been copied from familiar photographs. Although many are portraits, they move the text along. Some things, especially Einstein's relationship to the atom bomb, are lightly covered, but this is a well-rounded entry in the Stories of Famous Americans series, bolstered by a glossary, a bibliography, a time line, and several Web sites. ((Reviewed December 1, 2005)) Copyright 2005 Booklist Reviews.

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