by Silverstein, Alvin; Silverstein, Virginia B.; Nunn, Laura Silverstein

Introduction to ways that species have adapted over time to differing environments.

The Science Concepts series has been around since 1998; updated, redesigned editions of every title in the series are now being reissued, along with two entirely new entries. This title, one of the brand-new additions, provides an accessible introduction to how living beings adapt to survive in diverse habitats. Following an introduction, the authors cover Darwin's theory of evolution, logically moving on to discuss heredity and DNA. Subsequent chapters, each prefaced with an introduction in larger, contrasting type, explore adaptation to extreme environments; adaptation to seasonal changes; the compensatory senses developed by creatures living in the dark; and adaptations related to food-chain imperatives. Human adaptations, both genetic and artificial (such as clothing), conclude. The narrative gains clarity from abundant examples, colorful photos and diagrams, and fascinating sidebars, including one that details links between the Industrial Revolution and a change in one moth species' color. Researchers will appreciate this useful distillation of a complex topic and make use of the appended bibliography, further reading list, and Web resources. Copyright 2007 Booklist Reviews.

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