Infinite Moment of Us
by Myracle, Lauren

As high school graduation nears, Wren Gray is surprised to connect with gentle Charlie Parker, a boy with a troubled past who has loved her for years, while she considers displeasing her parents for the first time and changing the plans for her future.

Lauren Myracle is the author of the New York Times bestselling Internet Girls series (ttyl, ttfn, and l8r, g8r), Shine, Rhymes with Witches, Bliss, and the Flower Power series, among many other books for teens and young people. She lives with her family in Fort Collins, Colorado. Visit her online at

In this sweet and steamy romance, Myracle captures first love, in all its topsy-turvy, tangled, passionate, and breathless glory. Wren Gray, only child and perfect daughter, is desperate to break free of her family's predetermined plans for her, and so she defers Emory for a chance to travel to Guatemala with an organization for a year. Charlie Parker, on the other hand, has bounced around foster homes finally finding a family to call his own and earning a scholarship to Georgia Tech. Charlie has always loved Wren, and when their eyes lock at graduation, they fall hard and deep. There are intimate conversations: "Sometimes the things we hide-aren't they the parts that matter most?"; cute text messages; and meditations on an uncertain future. And, yes, there's sex-sensual, erotic, and meaningful-between two responsible people in love who trust one another wholeheartedly. While there are some plot missteps towrds the end, many teens will gravitate to this sensitive and emotionally wrought update of Judy Blume's classic Forever and will see themselves reflected back in the characters, who love fiercely, as if life were one infinite moment. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Myracle's stellar reputation, plus sexy subject matter, equals a surefire hit with teens. Copyright 2013 Booklist Reviews.

A sweet and sizzling love story from Myracle. Wren and Charlie are just about to graduate from their Atlanta high school when their eyes lock and everything changes. Single-child Wren is beginning to take her first baby steps away from her loving but overprotective parents, eschewing freshman year at Emory for a gap year in Guatemala with a service organization. Foster-child Charlie is struggling to separate, too, but from a long-standing toxic relationship, not his supportive family; he's got a scholarship to Georgia Tech. Alternating chapters that move between Wren's and Charlie's third-person perspectives describe their gorgeous summer romance, capturing each as they work to define themselves as individuals and as part of a couple. Myracle applies a light touch even with heavy issues-Charlie's life has not been an easy one-allowing readers to discover the characters even as they get to know each other. She wisely restrains herself from a potentially melodramatic foreshadowed meltdown, turning what could have been a narrative disaster into another opportunity for the characters to grow. The scenes of sexual intimacy are described with innocently erotic frankness, offering an ideal (if not idealized) model for readers on the cusp; this is Forever… for a new generation, offering character depth Cath and Michael never achieved. Summer love has never been so good. (Fiction. 14 & up) Copyright Kirkus 2013 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

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