World War II
by Grant, Reg

Discusses the factors that led to World War II; describes the events of the war, from the invasion of Poland that began it to its end with the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and explores its aftermath.

Although the  subtitle promises World War II events and their impact, it's the events that get the better coverage by far. Topical aspects of the war such â??Attack in the Westâ? or  â??Stalingradâ? are  addressed in lavishly illustrated double-page spreads that offer a visually visceral experience of the conflict. Coverage of the war's impact on people,  on the other hand, are relegated to five double-page sections called â??Voices,â? each featuring paragraph-length quotations from â??an experienced soldierâ? or  â??a postwoman living in Coventry.â? Of course, few readers look to DK for rich textual experiences; the wordsâ?"existing mostly in the form of captionsâ?"are there  to serve the images. Thus, the  book is a delight for browsers and those seeking an effortless introduction to the realities of cataclysm and holocaust.   A 40-minute DVD produced, like the book, in association with the Imperial War Museum adds arresting archival footage to make the book a multimedia experience. Copyright 2006 Booklist Reviews.

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