Rule of 3 : Fight for Power
by Walters, Eric

Struggling with his battle-hardened mentor's increasingly wrenching and questionable security decisions in the third month of a catastrophic global blackout, Adam fears his mistakes and blind trust will exact a heavy cost in the face of a new threat. Simultaneous eBook.

Eric Walters, a former elementary-school teacher, is a bestselling children's author in Canada. He is the founder of Creation of Hope, which provides care for orphans in the Makueni district of Kenya, and lives in Mississauga, Ontario.

The struggle for survival in a world suddenly bereft of technology continues immediately from where The Rule of Three (2014) left off.Adam's community having successfully defeated a large force of murderous raiders, the neighbors celebrate safety. Ex-CIA Herb, however, warns that peace isn't just fleeting; it's deceptively dangerous. Along with worrying about the battle's survivors—that those left behind guarding the raiders' compound could regroup—he advises that without a unifying common threat, the community itself will be less easily managed. As Herb predicts, tensions rise inside their walled community over things like rations. Meanwhile, those rations are envied by outsiders who live in nearby neighborhoods, the woods or even in a small cluster of tents right outside their community's wall. As the community's sole pilot and therefore crucial for surveillance and reconnaissance, Adam's all too aware that in this post-apocalyptic world, his community is an isl and of haves in a sea of have-nots. He struggles to help outsiders as much as possible and frequently argues against Herb's ruthless pragmatism. Less about physical survival, in this sequel, the conflict concerns the community's morals and soul. The middle sags as a slow burn of incidents illustrate the outside world's destabilization, but the pace picks up in the conclusion's twists and cliffhanger. Although less action-packed than its predecessor, the philosophical questions and killer ending will prime readers for the next book. (Adventure. 12-17) Copyright Kirkus 2014 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

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