by Roth, Veronica

The Transfer
The Initiate
The Son
The Traitor
"First Jumper--Tris!"
"Careful, Tris"
"You Look Good, Tris"

Complete your Divergent library with Four! This young adult novel is an excellent choice for accelerated tween readers in grades 7 to 8, especially during homeschooling. It&;s a fun way to keep your child entertained and engaged while not in the classroom.

Fans of the Divergent trilogy by #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth will be thrilled by Four: A Divergent Collection, a companion volume that includes four pre-Divergent stories plus three additional scenes from Divergent, all told from Tobias's point of view. This collection also makes a great pick for fans of the blockbuster movies who want to delve deeper into the character played by Theo James.

Readers first encountered Tobias as "Four" in Divergent. His voice is an integral part of Allegiant. Readers will find more of this charismatic character's backstory told from his own perspective in Four: A Divergent Collection. When read together, these long narrative pieces illuminate the defining moments in Tobias's life. The first three pieces in this volume&;"The Transfer," "The Initiate," and "The Son"&;follow Tobias's transfer from Abnegation to Dauntless, his Dauntless initiation, and the first clues that a foul plan is brewing in the leadership of two factions. The fourth story, "The Traitor," runs parallel with the events of Divergent, giving readers a glimpse into the decisions of loyalty&;and love&;that Tobias makes in the weeks after he meets Tris Prior.

Also includes three additional scenes from Divergent, told from Tobias's point of view!

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Fans of Divergent (2011) who can't get enough-and maybe even the rare reader who missed the first rush-will snap up this relatively stand-alone story collection told from the perspective of Tobias (aka Four). Beginning with his Choosing Ceremony several years before meeting Tris, these four tales give insight into his history, motivations, and psyche. While the collection complements the trilogy, Tobias' story is compelling enough in isolation. Running from an abusive home, he takes refuge in Dauntless and quickly rises to be a respected member. His rivalry with Eric is introduced, as are the first signs of conspiracy, observations of the relationships of others around him, and a depiction of his journey to find his place in his chosen faction. Three vignettes retelling critical and familiar scenes from Divergent from Tobias' point of view are appended. While short stories are sometimes underused in young-adult library collections, this one will fly off the shelves and for good reason. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: If it has Roth's name on it, it's going to sell, a fact borne out by a planned four-city tour, a custom social media campaign, and TV and radio spots. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

Roth returns to her wildly popular Divergent series with four prequel stories from Four's viewpoint.Before he was "Four," he was Tobias Eaton, the abused and alienated son of Marcus, leader of the Abnegation faction. The stories (really one episodic novella) trace his path from the choice to join Dauntless to his first encounters with Tris, heroine of the trilogy and love of his life. Sufficient information is interwoven to make the world accessible to new readers, while fans will find a surreptitious thrill digging into a taciturn hero's back story; still, little of real consequence is added to the overall plot. Devotees will undoubtedly relish cameo appearances by several beloved (and loathed) characters, and they will squee over such iconic moments as Four's earning his nickname, getting his tattoos and learning the dangers of being "Divergent." More compelling is his gradual transformation from an angry, manipulated and vulnerable victim to a badass loner—still angry and bitter but now tough and determined. Unfortunately, this narrative arc is undercut by the final story and the three rewritten short scenes from the first book, which read almost like bad fan fiction: Once Tris appears, the love-struck Four becomes dithering and goony, gushing about her all-embracing awesomeness and explaining that all his harsh words and actions really meant their exact opposite.For fans only; but their number is legion. (Dystopian romance. 12 & up) Copyright Kirkus 2014 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

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