by Peacock, Kathleen

Perfect for fans of Maggie Stiefvater&;s Shiver or Andrea Cremer&;s Nightshade, Willowgrove is Kathleen Peacock&;s riveting conclusion to the Hemlock trilogy. This final entry in Peacock&;s dark, romantic, paranormal suspense series pits friendship against survival, and trust against love.

Ever since Mac&;s best friend, Amy, was murdered, Hemlock has been a dangerous place. But now that Mac, her boyfriend, Kyle, and Amy&;s ex, Jason, instigated a mass breakout from Thornhill, a werewolf &;rehabilitation&; camp, the danger has only grown. Fear of the infection spreading is now at an all-time high and anyone with a scar is suspected of being a wolf.

What makes Mac even more afraid, though, are the dark experiments that the warden of Thornhill was performing on wolves in a secret asylum called Willowgrove. Uncovering the truth about what happened may be the only way for Mac to save everyone she loves and end her nightmares for good.

The Hemlock series winds to a cathartic close with a high body count, which sadly includes some werewolves readers have come to like. Mac, a reg (i.e., nonwerewolf), and her boyfriend, Kyle, manage to solve the murder of her best friend, Amy, while also exposing the pharmaceutical scandal underlying the growth of both the werewolf population and the antiwerewolf vigilante group, the Trackers. Peacock cleverly riffs on all-too-familiar fear-mongering tactics in a scene at a political rally featuring antiwerewolf rock music and jumbotrons broadcasting similar gatherings nationwide. This series is smart enough to outlast any werewolf-specific fiction craze. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

Peacock brings her Hemlock werewolf trilogy to an appropriately bloody conclusion.Mackenzie may have broken her friend Serena and hundreds of other teen werewolves out of the titular "rehabilitation" facility Thornhill (2013), but that doesn't mean things are hunky-dory. Back home in Hemlock, tensions are running high as members of the anti-werewolf vigilante group known as the Trackers converge there for a mammoth rally. Stephen, the older brother of Mac's dead best friend, Amy, is back in town as well, working at CutterBrown, the family pharmaceutical company. Might he be an ally? Following hints a ghostly Amy brings her in dreams, Mac is convinced there's some connection between CutterBrown and the horrific experiments that have left Serena psychically broken and unable to shift into wolf form—and the target of mysterious pursuers. Fights and chases keep the characters moving, and clumsily planted clues lead Mac, hot werewolf boyfriend Kyle, and lovelorn friend and f ormer Tracker Jason into an obvious but nevertheless dangerous mystery surrounding the powers behind Thornhill. Peacock isn't shy about killing characters off, which keeps pages turning, though the plot moves forward in fits and starts, making for an uneven read. The back story is complicated enough that only dedicated fans of the first two titles will want to tackle this one. (Paranormal romance. 14 & up) Copyright Kirkus 2014 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

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