How to Grow Up and Rule the World
by Seegert, Scott; Martin, John (ILT)

A top supervillain offers rules and advice to readers on how to develop an evil plan to rule the world.

Scott Seegert lives in Michigan with his family. He is the author of one book for adults. This is all of the information that Vordak will allow us to share. Please visit him online at Visit Vordak online at

"Crude and irreverent, this fictionalized self-help manual calls on kids to embrace their inner evil and go after those stupid, morally upstanding jerks in power (adults). Amplifying the cheeky fun are instructions, advice, anecdotes, rhymes, charts, and cartoon illustrations for destroying the planet and putting together a deadly organization capable of wreaking havoc on humanity. This is really the same scenario over and over, but many middle-schoolers will enjoy that they can open up to any page and find lots of discussion about vomit, farts, boogers, and poop, as well as coverage of elaborate assassination apparatus, described with wordplay and alliteration: instructions for tying a victim to a conveyor belt include the phrase, gaze gleefully as he glides towards his grisly good-bye, for instance. Puns are frequent: Hal Itosis, Aunty Social. And some of them are sure to offend: Special Ed. But whether it is the ad for putting up a little brother for adoption or the fantasy of punishing those in authority, the over-the top parodies tap into kids' wild fantasies." Copyright 2010 Booklist Reviews.

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