Trashing the Planet : Examining Our Global Garbage Glut
by Kallen, Stuart A.

Chapter 1 From Rags and Bones To Plastic Disaster
Chapter 2 The United States Of Trash
Chapter 3 Toxins In Our Trash
Chapter 4 Take Control Of Your Plate
Chapter 5 A Graveyard Of Global Waste
Chapter 6 Oceans Of Plastic
Chapter 7 Space Junk
Sources Notes92(3)
Selected Bibliography99(1)
Further Information100(2)

Introduces the problems of global waste disposal, describing the hazards of toxins associated with landfills, plastics floating in the oceans, and debris orbiting the planet, with some of the solutions proposed by scientists.

It is easy to forget about the refuse that people discard once it's in the garbage can, but this book seeks to draw the attention of young readers to an ever-growing problem: the tremendous amount of trash polluting the earth. This puts modern ecological issues in historical context, explaining the impact of the Industrial Revolution on human consumption and the genesis of the environmental movement. Color photographs of some of the most polluted areas drive home the severity of the global garbage problem, while charts, maps, and diagrams support understanding of fundamental STEM concepts. Additionally, the topic lends itself to discussions of global politics and international relations, as well as the economic differences between underdeveloped and developed nations. Soundly researched and carefully sourced, the text speaks to the complexity of the issue, while offering suggestions for action in readers' own backyards. Kallen hits the right balance of informative, cautionary, and alarmist, helping young readers grasp the urgency of the global garbage issue and be inspired to act on it. Copyright 2017 Booklist Reviews.

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