Strong Female Protagonist 1
by Mulligan, Brennan Lee; Ostertag, Molly

After her arch enemy shows her evidence of a sinister conspiracy, Alison Green, a powerful superhero known as Mega Girl, finds that fighting giant robots is less important and decides to go to college and learn new ways to help the world.

Brennan Lee Mulligan is a writer, actor and improviser based in Los Angeles. He performs, writes and teaches at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, acts and directs for Story Pirates, and has had his work optioned, purchased and produced by production companies in LA and NYC. His acting work has been featured on Funny or Die, Above Average, College Humor and the New York Fringe Festival, and he owns well over 5 swords. 

Molly Ostertag lives in Los Angeles and works at Disney. She draws Strong Female Protagonist and many other comics, including Shattered Warrior from First Second, Castoffs from Roar, and The Witch Boy from Scholastic (fall 2017). She's been drawing SFP since sophomore year at the School of Visual Arts, and it's been quite a journey! She has a perfect cat, is a snappy dresser, and can cook a great steak.

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