Terrible Two
by John, Jory; Barnett, Mac; Cornell, Kevin (ILT)

Disgusted when he has to move from the oceanside community where he was infamous for his tricks to a sleepy, cow-filled town that already has a notable prankster, Miles plots mischief that culminates in a daring partnership. Co-written by the author of the Caldecott Honor-winning Extra Yarn. 500,000 first printing.

Mac Barnett is a New York Times bestselling author of books for children, including Extra Yarn, which won a 2013 Caldecott Honor, and Battle Bunny. Jory John is a writer, editor, and journalist. He is coauthor of the bestselling All My Friends Are Dead. Kevin Cornell is the illustrator of many children&;s books, including Count the Monkeys and Mustache!, both by Mac Barnett.

Miles Murphy isn't happy about moving to small Yawnee Valley (Welcome sign: "Come look at our cows") or leaving his friends, but he is determined to be Yawnee Valley Science and Letters Academy's number one prankster, the title he proudly held at his old school. He is facing serious competition, however, when an anonymous-and, Miles admits, inspired-trickster delays the first day of school by somehow blocking the school's entryway with the principal's car. Worse, aptly named Principal Barkin blames Miles and pairs him with goody-two-shoes Niles Sparks; then he is targeted by bully Josh. Undaunted, Miles focuses on achieving premiere prankster status, but he is continually thwarted. Thus begins a rivalry of pranking one-upmanship, but perhaps an alliance is better-and ultimately rewarding in multiple ways. With plenty of humor, quirky characters, interspersed drolly related cow factoids, and fantastical, over-the-top pranking, this entertaining, enjoyable read will especially appeal to Wimpy Kid aficionados. Throughout, lively black-and-white cartoon illustrations depict characters, scenarios, and sundry ephemera with witty details. Readers will be anticipating the prankster pals' further escapades. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

Miles used to live near the sea. Miles had friends. Miles was his school's greatest prankster...how will he survive a move to Yawnee Valley? Yawnee Valley is famous for one thing: cows. All new students at Yawnee Valley Science and Letters Academy receive a booklet of 1,346 interesting cow facts from fussbudget fifth-generation principal Barry Barkin. On the first day of school, when Principal Barkin's car is found mysteriously parked on the school's steps, Barkin suspects Miles and assigns Niles Sparks to be Miles' buddy. Miles can't think of anything more awful than spending every moment of every day with smiling, officious, king-of-the-obvious Niles. On top of that, Barkin's son, Josh, has decided Miles is a good bullying target. To make life interesting, Miles plans a perfect prank in his pranking notebook, but it's foiled. That's followed by an invitation to join forces in pranking from an unexpected source...no way! Let the prank war commence! Barnett and John launch their cow-resplendent illustrated series with the humorous origin story of the pranking duo who lend the series its name. Characters may be stock; however, the pranks are anything but, and it's peppered with cow facts. Cornell's goofy cartoon illustrations (especially the blasé cows) add giggles aplenty. Fluffy, fast, fun reading for fans of Clueless McGee and the Wimpy Kid. (Fiction. 7-11) Copyright Kirkus 2014 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

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