Everett Anderson's Christmas Coming
by Clifton, Lucille; Gilchrist, Jan Spivey (ILT)

Everett Anderson enjoys all the special joys of the holiday season, the secrets, the falling snow, parties, and a Christmas tree that arrives in the elevator

Lucille Clifton is a poet, storyteller, college professor, mother of six, and author of books for young readers. She wrote her first book, Some of the Days of Everett Anderson, because she "wanted to write something about a little boy who was like the boys my children might know, for my children and others." Since then, Lucille Clifton has continued to write picture-book stories, including several that feature Everett Anderson. Ms. Clifton lives in Maryland.

Jan Spivey Gilchrist received the Coretta Scott King Award for her illustrations for Eloise Greenfield's Nathaniel Talking. An artist and former art teacher, Ms. Gilchrist has exhibited her works throughout Canada and the United States. She lives in suburban Chicago.

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