Things We Haven't Said : Sexual Violence Survivors Speak Out
by Moulton, Erin (EDT)

Sharon Lamb
Ella Andrews
Dina Black
Imani Capri
Jennifer Carmer-Hall
Joan Clare
Jane Cochrane
G. Donald Cribbs
Maya Demri
Aaluk Edwardson
Sharon Abra Hanen
Janet Goldblatt Holmes
Carrie Jones
Laura H. Kelly
Aster Lee
Allison Maloney
Melissa Marr
Bryson Mccrone
Barbara Mclean
Stephanie Oakes
Larena Patrick
Shanyn Kay Sprague
Misha Kamau James Tyler
Susan Vaught
Linda D. Wattley
Carol Lynch Williams
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Citing teens as the demographic most at risk for rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse, an awareness-raising guide shares 20 stories from diverse survivors on how to overcome the boundaries of stigma and silence to help prevent trauma and loss of life. By the award-winning author of Flutter. 15,000 first printing.

Erin E. Moulton is the author of Flutter (Penguin, 2011), Tracing Stars (Penguin,  2012), Chasing the Milky Way (Penguin, 2014), and Keepers of the Labyrinth (Penguin, 2015). She is also editor of the anthology Things We Haven’t Said: Sexual Violence Survivors Speak Out (Zest, 2018). Her books have been selected and nominated for national and state award lists, such as the Amelia Bloomer list, the Kentucky Bluegrass Master List and the Isinglass Teen Read Award List. Erin loves fostering new voices, which makes her an active school visitor, mentor and workshop leader to writers of all ages. You can find her online at

*Starred Review* This inclusive, poignant look at a diverse representation of sexual assault survivors tackles an extremely sensitive subject with hope, tools, and resources to not only build a working vernacular for assault victims but to empower teens who have been assaulted. Moulton, a teen librarian, has collected creative nonfiction (poems, letters, essays, etc.) from 25 survivors of sexual abuse and paired each of these works with a brief interview and paragraph on the person's life today. Readers will connect with how different survivors cope and have used the outlets of writing, poetry, dance, and other art forms to express themselves. The book also discusses how children grow up ignorant of consent, and the ways in which our legal system perpetuates the problem or outright fails them, while some adults refuse to believe or even question the trauma survivors about what they might be facing. Importantly, Moulton provides language to those who may be seeking ways to figure out how to talk about or process what was done to them. One of the most important aspects of the books is the glossary, which provides a definition of terms discussed throughout the book. Moulton has does an impressive job pulling together a collection of works to provide empowerment, empathy, and compassion to all who are willing to listen. Grades 9-12. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

An anthology of poems, essays, and letters by adult survivors of childhood and teen sexual violence. Moulton (Keepers of the Labyrinth, 2015, etc.), a librarian working with teens, was inspired to create this volume when she realized the dearth of nonfiction materials for youth on this topic. The visceral and frank accounts by influential activists, authors, and various other professionals of incest, date rape, gang rape, and molestation include the viewpoints of men and women of different races, ages, and sexual orientations. A psychology professor addresses the strong emotional, empathic response many readers will feel when reading about others' pain. Each piece concludes with a brief interview that further explores key issues and a paragraph about where the contributor is now. Many of the writers discuss their recovery process and what the effects of childhood and adolescent trauma look like through an adult lens. Moulton provides myriad resources—both online and tel ephone hotlines—for those seeking further assistance as well as an indispensable glossary with clear, concise definitions to address the point made by many who assert that they did not have the right vocabulary to define their abuse at the time. Well-researched statistics and a comprehensive guide to recommended reading round out this vital offering. A necessary and powerful resource. (resources, statistics, glossary, recommended reading) (Nonfiction.13-adult) Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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