Power of Six
by Lore, Pittacus

In a Spanish convent, seventeen-year-old Marina longs to join forces with her fellow Loriens to prepare for battle with the Mogadorians who destroyed their home planet, while in the United States, John, Six, and Sam elude authorities who think John is a terrorist.

Not two weeks after the climactic battle of I Am Number Four (2010), aliens John and Six, along with human ally Sam, find themselves on the run from a government that suspects them of terrorism. As their supernatural gifts-or "legacies"-become more evident, they're determined to find the four other alien teens who can help fend off the bloodthirsty Mogadorians. One of these is Marina, who narrates half the book from a convent in Spain and whose story line replicates much of the pleasure of the first book. John's and Marina's voices are nicely distinct, injecting attitude into this largely run-in-place set-piece actioner. Copyright 2011 Booklist Reviews.

The James Frey assembly-line approach to teen lit has generated another boomfest.

John is Number Four, the next alien teen in line to be killed by the vile Mogadorians. A charm dictates that John and the other nine destined planet-saviors be killed in numerical order because... just because, okay? Since the conclusion of I Am Number Four (2010), John's been on the run with his best friend Sam and alien girl Number Six. Despite the title, Number Six's only role here is to be the butt-kicking object of Sam's and John's affections; John's quests, which range chaotically from escape to rescuing Sam to mooning over his high-school girlfriend, are always paramount. John's chapters interweave with those of Marina, Number Seven, hiding in a convent school in Spain. As Marina's story line involves a tiny bit of actual depth, the frequent cuts back to John only make him seem more vapid by comparison. Ultimately, the two stories climax with flaming green fireballs, mobs of alien monsters, heroes wielding lightning and the conflagration of countless Mogadorians. Michael Bay (who produced the 2011 film adaptation of book one) will surely be pleased.

Straight to blockbuster without any stops for character development, worldbuilding or internal logic along the way. (Science fiction. 12-14) Copyright Kirkus 2011 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

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