Pingpong Perry Experiences How a Book Is Made
by Donovan, Sandy

Perry likes pizza and pingpong. But one day he wonders what kind of pizza professional pingpong players would pick. When he can't find the answers at the library, Perry decides to write his own book. Follow Perry's idea from beginning to end, and find out how his big idea becomes a book.

*Starred Review* From its joyously inexplicable title forward, this inspirational volume from the In the Library series surprises and amuses with every page, while also neatly explaining the publishing process. "This is Perry," the book begins. "Perry has a bike and a few freckles." He also has a pair of passions: Ping-Pong and pizza. On the first page, Perry (digitally illustrated in an angular, retro-cool style) is clutching his own book: Perry's Practical Guide to the Pizza Picks of Popular Pingpong Players. Donovan then backtracks to relate Perry's meteoric transformation into publishing royalty. After finding no books on the niche topic at the library, Perry's idle speculation turns into passion, and soon he's e-mailing his paddle-pro heroes for their pizza picks. After finishing his manuscript and getting 41 rejections ("I think you will agree, it's pretty powerful," Perry boasts in his query letter), a publisher finally bites. What's crazy about this is that it's not that crazy-you can imagine a novelty book like this taking off. The editing process, complete with a sample of a copyedited page, is admirably realistic, as is the portrayal of the savvy professional women Perry encounters at every turn. Bonus: the other subjects in the series (including the Dewey Decimal system!) are just as goofily handled. Copyright 2010 Booklist Reviews.

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