When a Woman Rises
by Eber, Christine

International Latino Book Award finalist, "Most Inspirational Fiction Book"
2020 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award, Multi-cultural
Silver in Multicultural Fiction, Independent Publisher Book Awards
Zia Book Award finalist
Balcones Fiction Prize finalist
Starred review from School Library Journal

Magdalena summons the soul of her friend, Lucia, who migrated north to find work and disappeared. She tells daughter Veronica how they yearned to be teachers. How poverty and gender roles stole away their dreams. Yet, each woman remained true to herself, Lucia as a Zapatista leader and curandera; Magdalena as a weaver and community organizer. But poverty is cruel.

Christine Eber: Dr. Eber is a cultural anthropologist whose areas of research include art, drugs, gender, religion, women’s studies, writing about culture, and indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica. Professor Eber is a founding member of Las Cruces-Chiapas Connection, a volunteer network that assists weavers to sell their products and that educates consumers about the effects of globalization on indigenous artisans. She is also a board member of the Maya Educational Foundation (www.mayaedufound.org) which seeks support for scholarships for young people in Maya communities of Chiapas, Guatemala, and Belize.

She is author of Women and Alcohol in a Highland Maya Town: Water of Hope, Water of Sorrow which was recently translated into Spanish, and co-editor with Christine Kovic of Women of Chiapas: Making History in Times of Struggle and Hope. Her current book project, The Journey of a Tzotzil-Maya Woman: Pass Well Over the Earth, is the life story of Antonia, an indigenous woman with whom she lived during Ph.D. fieldwork in the 1980s and with whom she has collaborated to assist women’s weaving cooperatives since that time.

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