Year in the Life of a Complete and Total Genius
by Matson, Stacey

Seventh-grader Arthur Bean, soon-to-be a rich and famous author, has set two goals for himself: to win the school writing contest and to win the heart of his secret crush, Kennedy, but his life has had some major twists and turns lately, and the recent loss of his mother definitely complicates things.

Though Arthur Bean is late in starting junior high school, he thinks he is a genius and wants everyone else to think so, too. He truly wants to be a writer, but he wants to follow his own rules and not those of his teachers. The only school writing assignment he enjoys is keeping a reading journal or RJ. Outwardly sarcastic and disrespectful to other classmates (particularly Robbie Zach), Arthur reveals his insecurities only in his RJ. Ms. Whitehead, his English teacher, has the patience of Job when dealing with Arthur, but even she gets worn thin and exacts her revenge by assigning Arthur to tutor Robbie Zach. Through essays, e-mails, letters, journal entries, drawings, teachers' notes, and assignment descriptions, Matson takes readers through Arthur's seventh-grade year. They see him develop, change, and mature, and they will grow along with him. Fans of Tommy Greenwald's Charlie Joe Jackson series will be drawn to Arthur. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

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