Made for You
by Marr, Melissa

Waking up in the hospital after an accident involving a hit-and-run driver, Eva discovers her ability to foresee other people's deaths and teams up with her ex, Nate, to try to figure out how to use her powers to protect loved ones from a violent killer. Simultaneous eBook. 150,000 first printing.

Eva Tilling has a new talent: when people touch her, she sinks into a vision of how they will die. Her freaky skill manifests during her hospital recovery from a hit-and-run that was no accident. This twisted modern southern gothic tale unfolds through the multiple perspectives of her friends and the killer, who nicknames himself Judge. Judge's chapters are sickening with details of his God-driven obsession for Eva and his sexual fantasies that are enacted on successive victims as he kills Eva's friends and leaves symbolic flowers and carved words in their flesh as messages for Eva. Eva's childhood friend Nate, now a hunky lothario, is hired as a companion for Eva, and that relationship will delight the romantics who read this paranormal romance thriller. The rest of the page flipping will be to discover the identity of the killer and to watch Eva ­foolishly go after him, making choices typical of a teen horror flick. Despite the page count, mysteries remain, but Marr's fans will want to read this. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: By now, purchasers know that they will need multiple copies of anything new from the New York Times best-selling author to satisfy fans. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

In a small backwater town where social standing is everything, 17-year-old Eva discovers being the favorite can be terrifying. Eva's family is wealthy and influential, so it's big news when she's the victim of a hit-and-run that leaves her severely injured and deeply scarred. While recovering in the hospital, sweet-tempered Eva discovers her new and horrifying ability: When people touch her, she can foresee their deaths. When one of her friends is murdered and left with a message carved in her flesh, it's clear the killer wants Eva. The book is broken up by chapters in voices other than Eva's, the most absorbing of which is Judge, a sexually twisted religious zealot obsessed with Eva, who believes he's communicating with her through the flowers he leaves on his victims. Readers know he's the killer but not who he is among Eva's acquaintances. Lifelong friend Nate makes Eva's heart flutter. He stays handsomely by her side throughout the mounting terror. As the death toll incre ases, Eva, meek no more, uses her visions in an attempt to stop the murderer's elaborate plan to possess her. Marr, who generally explores supernatural themes, here pens a tightly choreographed spine-chiller with an intriguing view into the mind of a psychopath. This riveting whodunit delivers a bouquet of teen romance, paranormal and thriller. (Paranormal thriller/romance. 15-20) Copyright Kirkus 2014 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

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