Boy Nobody
by Zadoff, Allen

Embarking on a latest mission, 16-year-old Boy Nobody, an assassin under the control of a shadowy government organization known as "The Program," considers sabotaging his work when his target reminds him of the normal life he craves.

Allen Zadoff is the author of several acclaimed novels, including Food, Girls, and Other Things I Can't Have, winner of the Sid Fleischman Humor Award and a YALSA Popular Paperback for Young Adults. He is a graduate of Cornell University and the Harvard University Institute for Advanced Theater Training. His training as a super spy, however, has yet to be verified.

Boy Nobody is a coldly dispassionate teenage assassin working for a mysterious organization called the Program. When it assigns him his next mission-to assassinate the mayor of New York-it seems at first like business as usual. But then he meets Sam, the mayor's beautiful daughter. Suddenly, his mission is abruptly changed, and all bets are off. The formerly obedient Boy Nobody begins asking questions that are dangerous to his mission and to himself. Readers may question that a teenager is capable of playing the role assigned to Boy Nobody, but books like these require a suspension of disbelief, and most readers will be willing to make that suspension for the sake of the fast-paced plot and the surprisingly sympathetic protagonist. Operating in the tradition of both James Bond and of Robert Cormier's I Am the Cheese (1977), Boy Nobody is an auspicious first volume in a promised new series of action-adventure thrillers that will keep readers clamoring for more. Copyright 2013 Booklist Reviews.

An unnamed teen assassin finds himself torn between a girl and his mission. Zadoff's 16-year-old protagonist saw the life of his father ripped away by a close friend when he was 12. Since then, he's been under the employ of "Mother" and "Father," the heads of an organization that uses children as hired killers. He's one of the best: He's professional and always finishes the job smoothly and cleanly without a mess. The killings all have low levels of blood and gore and usually look like accidents so he can escape the scene without any suspicion. When he's charged with taking out the mayor of New York City, however, things get complicated—especially when he crushes on the mayor's daughter, who goes to his school. Zadoff's chapters are short, staccato and to-the-point, mirroring the narrative voice of his protagonist. His paragraphs rarely run over four lines long. His nameless, tough-as-nails lead character has just the right balance of cunning, heart and conscience to win the respect and admiration of many teen readers, even reluctant ones. The plot speeds along seamlessly with plenty of action and drama, and hairpin turns will keep readers guessing; a twist in the end will have them begging for more. Fast, furious and fun. (Thriller. 14 & up) Copyright Kirkus 2013 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

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