That Summer
by Weiner, Jennifer; Foster, Sutton (NRT)

While trying to pinpoint the root of her dissatisfaction with her life, Daisy Shoemaker begins receiving misdirected emails meant for another woman and starts living vicariously through her until she discovers that their connection was not completely accidental.

Jennifer Weiner is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of eighteen books, including Big Summer, Mrs. Everything, Good in Bed, and an essay collection, Hungry Heart: Adventures in Life, Love, and Writing. A graduate of Princeton University and a frequent contributor to the New York Times Opinion section, Jennifer lives with her family in Philadelphia. Visit her online at

Diana Daisy Shoemaker keeps receiving emails that are meant for another Diana, as their emails are just one character different from one another. Daisy sends the emails on to the correct Diana, and they strike up an email correspondence and decide to meet for drinks in the city. Soon enough we realize that this was no chance meeting; Diana sought Daisy out, but why? The pacing for the first half of the book is slow, and it is easy to confuse which Diana the narrator is speaking of. The narration matches the pace, and in the second half we start to get a suspenseful inflection that moves the story along at a faster clip. Foster does a great job capturing the tone of emotionally charged conversations and sincerely conveys the characters feelings. It's important to understand the emotions of the characters, as sexual assault and consent play a large role in the story. Secrets begin to unfurl as Foster peels back the layers of this moving novel. Copyright 2021 Booklist Reviews.

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