Stories of the Night
by Crowther, Kitty

"Tell me three good night stories, please, please, please," says Little Bear.
"Three!?" says her mother.
"Yes-I said please three times!"

First, Little Bear hears the story of the Night Guardian, who lives in the woods and makes sure all animals go to bed. But who tells the Night Guardian when it's bedtime? The second story is about the brave girl Zhara who seeks the forest's most delicious blackberries. In the third we meet Bo, the little man with the big overcoat, who finds it hard to sleep. Finally, Little Bear falls asleep, and there in bed beside her are her new storybook friends.

Stories of the Night is a modern fairy-tale storybook set in the magical illustrations of Kitty Crowther.

A quirky charmer of a bedtime book. The eponymous stories are not books read to a child—rather, Crowther's Mother Bear tells Little Bear three stories orally. It's clear this is a familiar routine in their cozy home in the woods, since Little Bear asks for each story with descriptions that indicate familiarity: "The one that says it's time to go to sleep," and "The little girl with a sword who gets lost," and "The one with the man in a big coat who never sleeps!" Mother Bear indulges each request, and the accompanying illustrations shift from depictions of the two of them in Little Bear's room to ones that present each story's world. While the palette is remarkably distinct, with a bright pink dominating the cover and highlighting interior spreads, the art style has a subtle, fantastic feel to it, as if it stepped out of Tove Jansson's work—or as if a Moomin could easily step into them. At the book's end, Little Bear imagines all the story characters coming to cu ddle up in bed, and then Mother Bear goes to sit by the fire. In this closing spread she holds a book, its cover illustrated with those same characters, offering the reader a cozy metafictive conclusion. A visually distinct, original, pleasing bedtime book that has the feel of a classic. (Picture book. 3-8) Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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