Last Flight
by Clark, Julie

Working for months on a plan to escape her secretly violent husband, Claire impulsively swaps airline tickets with a stranger also on the run before a fateful accident compels her to assume the other's identity.

In this second novel from the author of The Ones We Choose (2018), which has been optioned for television by Lionsgate, two desperate women are willing to take extreme measures to forge new lives. Claire, who married into a powerful political family, is suffering spousal abuse, her every move being monitored. Eva, who just wanted to fit in, finds herself drowning in the drug underworld. On the run, they meet, seemingly by chance, at JFK and make a last-minute decision to switch tickets. When the plane carrying Eva goes down, Claire assumes her identity. At first relieved to have pulled off a vanishing act so successful that everyone believes she is dead, Claire soon finds that she has placed herself in the danger from which Eva was running. The "by chance" element throughout the narrative makes the story somewhat implausible. Fans of thrillers about gone girls and vanished ladies will enjoy the tale, although some readers may wonder if Claire and Eva's situations might better have been resolved in a more straightforward way. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

Two women risk everything to leave their troubled lives behind. In just a week, Claire Cook's husband, Rory, will announce his campaign to be a U.S. senator from New York. No surprise there, since his family is chock full of high-profile politicians. As Rory's wife, the poised and beautiful Claire seems to lead a charmed life, but it's getting harder to hide the bruises under a carefully cultivated veneer of elegance. Claire tried to leave him once, an attempt that ended with cracked ribs. But this time, she's ready. She's been squirreling away cash, she's secured a fake ID and passport, and a trip to Detroit will provide the perfect opportunity to make her escape. However, before Claire leaves for the airport, Rory decides to send her to Puerto Rico to meet with a humanitarian group instead of going to Detroit. Even worse, Rory goes to Detroit in her place and intercepts the package containing her cash and papers. At JFK, Claire, seemingly by chance, meets Eva, a grieving woman looking to make a new start after her husband's death. Clair e suggests that Eva take her flight to Puerto Rico, and Claire will head to Eva's home in Berkeley, where she'll attempt to slip into Eva's life. After touching down, Claire learns that Eva's plane crashed and Claire is presumed dead, but she's not out of the woods yet. Claire cleverly set up a way to keep track of Rory's messages to his head honcho, and when evidence suggests that Eva might not have actually been on that doomed plane, Claire's plans take on a new urgency and it's revealed that Eva's story masked a dark truth. Propulsive prose drives Clark's tale of the intersecting lives of these two smart and resourceful women, and emphasis is placed on the importance of female friendship and support. Readers will surely find themselves hopelessly invested in Claire's and Eva's ultimate fates. A tense and engaging womancentric thriller. Copyright Kirkus 2020 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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