by Rubin, Sean

Living a quiet life in New York City, Bolivar, a dinosaur, finds his life complicated when Sybil, the girl next door, tries to prove his existence.

*Starred Review* In many ways, Bolivar is no different than any New Yorker. He thrives on corned-beef sandwiches and tonic water. He spends afternoons traipsing through Central Park. He pays his rent. There's just one thing: he's also a dinosaur-the last left on Earth. While plucky, Polaroid-toting grade-schooler Sybil is well aware of her eight-foot-tall neighbor's existence, the rest of the city is not. That is, until an erroneously issued parking ticket ("Bolivar was not a car, but a dinosaur") launches the gentle giant from obscurity to frenzied center stage. Part chapter book, part graphic novel, Rubin's authorial debut (following contributions to the Redwall series and Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard, v.1, 2010) is a masterful one. The text, delivered in bite-size speech bubbles and compact sentences, crackles with sly humor. And Rubin's sweeping panoramas (from city blocks to the subway) and idiosyncratic details-all rendered in rich hues and lively cross-hatching-never fail to infuse the everyday with a dash of quiet magic. With a whopping dino-sized heart at its core, this is as much an ode to the bustling Big Apple as it is a celebration of curiosity and childlike wonder. Readers all over will soon be joining Sybil's ranks; to see this towering, tiny-armed anomaly is to believe. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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