Bones Behind the Wheel
by Copperman, E. J.

When workers discover a buried 1977 Lincoln with a skeleton behind the wheel on the grounds of her guesthouse, innkeeper Alison Kirby delves into the cold case, in the latest novel of the series following The Hostess with the Ghostess.

E. J. Copperman is the author of a number of mystery series, including the Mysterious Detective series (Edited Out), the Haunted Guesthouse series (The Hostess With the Ghostess) and with Jeff Cohen, the Asperger's mystery series (The Question of the Dead Mistress). E. J.'s newest, the Agent to the Paws mystery series (Bird, Bath, and Beyond). It is exhausting for E. J. just to think about it. E. J. lives in New Jersey.

Innkeeper Alison Kerby, owner of the Haunted Guesthouse on the New Jersey coast, is stunned when she comes home to find an enormous hole in her backyard. Compounding the problem, the contractors doing the "minor" erosion control find a buried 1977 Lincoln Continental with a decades-old human skeleton in it. In addition to Alison and her family-precocious daughter Melissa and husband Josh-the inn also houses a quartet of ghosts, including Paul, a private investigator in life, and Maxie, once an interior designer and internet whiz. At first adamantly refusing to be drawn into another investigation by Paul, Alison relents when it becomes apparent that Josh, who cannot see or hear the ghosts, and Melissa, who can, are working with Paul to identify the killer. Adding to the chaos, Alison is having a beam replaced in her kitchen, and Maxie, whose interior-design ideas are decidedly odd, demands to remodel the space when the work is completed. Alison's humorous first-person account, featuring remarkably easy-to-believe ghosts, will appeal to fans of Kate Kingsbury's Merry Ghost Inn mysteries. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

An innkeeper calls on some friendly ghosts to discover who buried a corpse in a car that a crew of workmen doing beach replenishment has dug up on her property. Alison Kerby isn't the only human who can see Paul Harrison and Maxie Malone, the two free-spirited spirits who haunt her Jersey Shore guesthouse. Her mom and her daughter can also see and communicate with the pair. But so far, none of the guests sent by Senior Plus Tours have had the power the Kerby ladies share, so Alison can include two daily "spook shows" among the amenities she offers her guests. Unfortunately, the shows are about the only amenities on offer, since contractors Tony and Vic Mandorisi have put her kitchen out of commission in the course of fixing a beam that sustained damage from a bullet hole in her last adventure (The Hostess with the Ghostess, 2018). Meanwhile, heavy equipment operator Bill Harrelson has dug up most of her beach. The state had sent him out to shore up the dune line eroded in Sup erstorm Sandy, but Bill, hearing a tale of some pirate treasure that just might be buried on Alison's property, digs a wee hole to investigate. That little hole becomes a really big hole when Bill's shovel hits metal that's not part of a treasure chest but the roof of a vintage Lincoln Continental, complete with decomposed body in the front seat. From that point on, the detective work should really be left to Detective Lt. Anita McElone of the Harbor Haven police force, but gleeful Maxie and Paul couldn't be more excited by the prospect of another hot case. They drag Alison into the chase with results as tumultuous as they are predictable. Who says global warming has no effects on the little guy—or, in this case, gal? What begins as a simple hole in the ground ends up a three-ring circus, with a solution so convoluted only the most devoted fan can begin to appreciate. Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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