by Tursten, Helene; Delargy, Marlaine (TRN)

"One winter night, 28-year-old Detective Inspector Embla NystrŤom receives a phone call that sends her reeling. It's been fifteen years since Embla's best friend disappeared from a nightclub in Gothenburg, but Embla recognizes her voice immediately, though the call quickly disconnects. Lollo is still alive. But before Embla can dive into the case, she gets another phone call, this time from her cousin. A man has been found shot to death in one of the guest houses he and his wife manage in rural Sweden. When Embla arrives on the scene, she receives another shock. The dead man is Milo Stavic, a well-known gang member and one of the men she saw with Lollo the night she disappeared. And, as Embla soon learns, the same night that Milo was shot in bed, his brother Luca was also killed. Why, after all these years, is someone targeting the Stavic brothers, and where is the third brother? With help from a handsome local detective and his poorly trained Belgian shepherd, Embla launches an investigation into the three Stavic brothers, hoping it will bring her closer to finally finding Lollo and putting an end to her terrible nightmares"-

Helene Tursten was a nurse and a dentist before she turned to writing. She is the author of the Irene Huss series, including Detective Inspector Huss, Night Rounds, Who Watcheth, and Protected by the Shadows; the Embla Nyström series; and the short story collection An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good. Her books have been translated into 25 languages and made into a television series. She was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she now lives with her husband.

Two murders overwhelm the rural force in Herremark, Sweden, and Gothenburg Violent Crimes Unit detective Embla NystrŲm agrees to secure the death scene at her distant cousins' guesthouse. Professional courtesy quickly becomes personal, though: the victim is Milo Stavic, the ganglord who'd been headlining her nightmares since she saw him and his brothers crouched over her teenage best friend the night she disappeared. Despite careful staging, the crime scene screams assassination. Goran Krantz, Embla's trusted former boss, manages to secure their assignment to Stavic's case, and Embla teams up with a local officer investigating the murder of a teenager, while mining witness recollections for possible sightings of Stavic's assassin. When Milo's brother Luca is murdered. and Kador, the third Stavic brother, disappears with his family, a host of motives, from family treachery to gang wars, form a complex web. This twist-laden third episode offers further evidence of Embla's resilience and investigative tenacity as she confronts her burdens of guilt and fear, opens herself to romantic possibilities, and methodically plows through multiple levels of deceit. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

More than 14 years after DI Embla Nystr√∂m‚??s best friend disappeared, she may have turned up again. Or maybe not. The first phone call that rocks Embla‚??s world is from Louise Lindqvist, whom she hasn‚??t seen since Louise went missing from the Gothenburg nightclub La Dolce Vita when they were both students. The second, soon after the first is cut off, is from her Uncle Nisse‚??s cousin Harald F√§ldt, whose latest guest has been shot to death in bed‚?"twice, so there‚??s no question of suicide. Responding to Harald‚??s pleas even though his guesthouse is outside her jurisdiction, Embla is both shocked and relieved to recognize the dead man as crime lord Milo Stavic, Lollo‚??s abductor all those years ago, who threatened to kill Embla if she ever breathed a word about seeing him. Finally Embla can sleep better, as soon as she helps Inspector Olle Tillman, whom she meets at the murder scene, solve the mystery of which of Milo‚??s hundreds of gangster enemies could have killed him. The case is both complicated and clarified by the murder of Milo‚??s brother and partner, Luca Stavic, in La Dolce Vita‚??s parking garage and the news that a third brother, Kador, vanished from his Croatian home two weeks ago. Before Embla can come to terms with the Stavic brothers‚?? portfolio in narcotics, prostitution, and human trafficking, there‚??s the matter of high school athlete Robin Pettersson‚??s fatal stabbing outside another club. The leading suspects this time aren‚??t professional criminals but other students whose passions run equally deep. Will Embla ever surmount the obstacles that stand between her and a possible reunion with her old friend? ‚??This is such a complicated case,‚?Ě notes the heroine. Amen. In fact, make that ‚??cases.‚?Ě Copyright Kirkus 2020 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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