Liar, Liar
by Jackson, Lisa

When it appears that someone has faked her absentee mother's suicide, Remmi teams up with Detective Dani Settler and her childhood crush, Noah, to find the truth about what happened.

LISA JACKSON is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than seventy-five novels, including One Last Breath, You Will Pay, After She’s Gone, Close to Home, Tell Me, Deserves to Die, You Don’t Want to Know, Running Scared, and Shiver. She has over thirty million copies of her books in print in nineteen languages. She lives with her family and three rambunctious dogs in the Pacific Northwest. Readers can visit her website at and find her on Facebook.

Fame came 20 years too late for Didi Storm. While Didi enjoyed a modicum of notoriety working as a celebrity impersonator in Las Vegas, she never broke through to the top tier of fame. Then she vanished one night after a mysterious explosion in the desert outside Las Vegas, leaving her daughter, Remmi, without a clue as to her whereabouts. Now, decades later, a scandalous tell-all biography of Didi, along with the suicide leap of a woman everyone thought was Didi but who was, eerily enough, someone impersonating her, has brought Didi back into the spotlight. As Remmi and SFPD detective Dani Settler begin searching for evidence explaining what exactly happened to Remmi's mother, they discover that the trail leads all the way back to that dark and deadly night in the Mojave Desert. Best-selling Jackson jam-packs the plot of her latest nail-biting novel with plenty of unexpected twists and turns, making Liar, Liar a terrific choice for readers who enjoy their literary adrenaline fixes on the darker side of the suspense spectrum. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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