Murder With Macaroni and Cheese
by Herbert, A. L.

Catering her upcoming high-school reunion, soul food master Halia is embroiled in the suspicious death of a catty former classmate whose demise is complicated by extramarital affairs, mega-church scandals and sports secrets. Simultaneous.

A.L. Herbert grew up in both Prince George’s County and Charles County, Maryland. A.L. is currently working on the next Mahalia Watkins Soul Food Mystery and more delicious comfort food recipes. Readers can e-mail the author at And please visit and

*Starred Review* Mahalia "Halia" Watkins gets pulled into catering her high-school reunion, in between serving luscious food at her popular soul-food eatery in Prince George's County, Maryland. When Halia goes to collect the check after the event, she discovers manipulative queen bee Raynell dead. Knowing how many enemies the woman had from the past to the present, Halia starts asking questions. Raynell's best friend is the "First Lady" at a local church, and Halia and her colorful and insightful cousin Wavonne attend a lavish service to learn more about Raynell's life. The cracks in Raynell's facade-high-profile marriage, showcase home filled with art-soon show through, but Herbert does a good job of hiding the killer amid smartly placed red herrings and surprising plot twists. Readers will be equally entranced by both the layered mystery and the mouth-watering food descriptions. A successful African American amateur sleuth makes a very welcome addition to the cozy genre, and the humor Herbert brings to the tale only adds icing to what is a delicious cake. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

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