Speck in the Sea : A Story of Survival and Rescue
by Aldridge, John; Sosinski, Anthony

Chapter 1 Overboard
Chapter 2 Montauk Fishermen
Chapter 3 A Speck in the Sea
Chapter 4 "He's Not Here"
Chapter 5 Daylight
Chapter 6 In the Command Center
Chapter 7 "We're in Big Trouble"
Chapter 8 "Johnny Load Is Missing"
Chapter 9 To the West-End Buoy
Chapter 10 Command and Control
Chapter 11 The Landward Watch
Chapter 12 Cutting Loose
Chapter 13 Found
Chapter 14 "It's Over"
Chapter 15 Saved
Chapter 16 The Good Daughter
Chapter 17 Postscripts and Parties
Appendix A Assets Deployed to Find and Rescue John Aldridge239(6)
Appendix B "The Tale of Johnny Load"245(4)

Two veteran sailors who co-own and operate a Montauk lobster boat recount the 2013 search-and-rescue mission for co-author John Aldridge, describing how his partner, their families, the local fishing community and the U.S. Coast Guard in three states mobilized an unprecedented and ultimately successful operation. 40,000 first printing.

John Aldridge and Anthony Sosinski co-own and operate the Anna Mary, a lobster boat, in the open ocean surrounding Montauk. Best friends for decades, Aldridge and Sosinski are seasoned sailors and fishermen.

The authors, friends since they were seven years old, were co-owners of a lobster boat, the Anna Mary. In July 2013, while they were fishing in the Atlantic off Montauk, New York, the 45-year-old Aldridge was trying to move a heavy object on the deck of the boat when he accidentally fell over the side. His partner, Sosinski, and their mate were asleep below. In minutes, Aldridge was alone in the ocean, in the middle of the night, with the frightening awareness that no one might even know he wasn't aboard the Anna Mary for several hours. He was rescued about 12 hours later, having used his boots as flotation devices. This absolutely riveting book follows the increasingly desperate (and, at times, disorganized) rescue efforts as well as Aldridge's own odyssey (How does a man facing near-certain death keep himself believing he might survive?). A movie is already in the works, but don't wait for it-the book is as captivating as any film might be. Copyright 2017 Booklist Reviews.

A fishing trip turns into a very bad day in this dramatic though less fraught rejoinder to The Perfect Storm.When he fell from Anna Mary, his lobster boat, into the sea—the result, as he ruefully notes, of an avoidable bad idea—Aldridge writes that he spent some of his time in the water pondering the "if-onlys and I-should-have-dones that would have kept me from going overboard." The rest of the time he spent pondering how to keep from falling asleep and slipping into oblivion while trying to gain a fix on where he was in the water. A skilled seaman, he did so, and his knowledge as much as his strength and good physical condition was responsible for keeping him alive for the hours he was in the water. Meanwhile, as his shipmate Sosinski writes, the crew of the Anna Mary and the Coast Guard used knowledge of their own to locate that lone swimmer in the vastness of the waters off New England. Recounting a real event that took place nearly four years ago, the partner s' narrative has its predictable moments, just as one might expect: the regrets, those what-ifs, etc. But, though by-the-numbers in spots, this book has several virtues. For one, like Peter Matthiessen's Men's Lives, it is a robust portrait of working-class Montauk, the Long Island community in the shadow of the tony Hamptons that always seems to be in danger of being crowded into the sea. "The real Montauk is about the fishing," they write. "It always was." For another, the authors offer a richly detailed but not overburdened view of how sea rescue operations are mounted and conducted: there are probabilities and formulas involved but also gut instinct and lots of experience in play. A capable and readable book, though the story is likely to draw its true audience by way of the forthcoming movie it ties into. Copyright Kirkus 2017 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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