by Poston, Ashley

A devoted fan of a classic sci-fi television series risks the ire of her evil stepsisters by entering a contest to win an invitation to a ball where she would meet her favorite actor, a teen star who would prove he is more than just a dumb heartthrob. Simultaneous eBook.

Ashley Poston is the author of Geekerella (Quirk Books, 2017) and Heart of Iron (HarperCollins, 2018). Her fangirl heart has taken her everywhere from the houses of Hollywood screenwriters to the stages of music festivals to geeked-out conventions (in cosplay, of course). When she is not inventing new recipes with peanut butter, having passionate dance-offs with her cat, or geeking out all over the internet, she writes books. She lives in small-town South Carolina, where you can see the stars impossibly well.

In this modern, geeky update of Cinderella, all Elle has left of her father are memories of their time together watching Starfield, a cult-classic sci-fi TV show. When a movie reboot offers to breathe new life into the franchise, Elle can't wait; but the casting of soap actor Darien Freeman as the Federation Prince Carmindor has her worried about the show's integrity. When a contest is offered to win a meeting with Darien at the ExcelsiCon Cosplay Ball and tickets to the Starfield premiere, Elle decides to enter as a way to escape her awful stepfamily and job at the Magic Pumpkin food truck. Meanwhile, Darien is a closet nerd who has always wanted to step into Carmindor's shoes, but the show's fans aren't accepting him. If only he could meet someone who would see the real him. With geekily adorable characters, a show that's part Star Trek and part Firefly, a cosplay contest, and a food truck fairy godmother, this is a love letter to fandom. Required reading for geeks everywhere. Copyright 2017 Booklist Reviews.

Cinderella jumps aboard the Enterprise in this entertaining if somewhat paint-by-numbers version of the classic fairy tale.Elle is a dreamy white geek girl who blogs about the television series Starfield and whose deceased, cosplaying father started the original Starfield convention, ExcelsiCon. Brown-skinned part British-Indian Darien is a hunky teen soap actor who has been cast as the lead in the film reboot of Starfield, much to the dismay of hard-core fans like Elle. When Darien accidently calls Elle while trying to reach the management at ExcelsiCon, the two embark on an anonymous texting romance. Their stars collide when Elle enters a cosplay contest that Darien is judging at ExcelsiCon in order to win a life away from her mean stepmother. Poston follows the "Cinderella" plot to a tee. Fairy godmother? Check, in the form of green-haired lesbian seamstress Sage. Unconventional mode of transportation? Check, in the form of the Magic Pumpkin, a vegan food truck. There's ev en a pair of glass slippers and a Cosplay Ball. Endless references to real-life fandoms from Star Trek to The Lord of the Rings make this book feel like a long, chummy in-joke. Romance genre readers who expect a happy ending and teen fans of fandoms may enjoy this timely retelling; others may find the derivative plot too on-the-nose. (Fiction. 12-15) Copyright Kirkus 2017 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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