Little Honey Bear And the Smiley Moon
by Lobel, Gillian; Warnes, Tim (ILT)

Little Honey Bear and two friends set off to visit the friendly moon by following the shining silvery moonpath in the night, but as the path gets steeper, the wind grows colder and the moon disappears, leaving the three friends alone in the dark and worried that they might not find their way home.

Beguiled by the friendly twinkle of the moonlight, Little Honey Bear sets off on a jaunt to visit the moon. His woodland friends, Lily Long Ears and Teeny Tiny Mouse, soon join him on his expedition, in hopes of having mooncakes and moonjuice. However, a sudden winter squall turns the joyful lark into something more ominous. With a chilly wind blowing, they find themselves disoriented in the suddenly darkened woods and unable to locate the path home. Respite arrives in the form of Mommy Bear, who soon has the friends safe and warm. Warnes's inviting illustrations gracefully illuminate the bewitching quality of a moonlit night, while the trio of friends is sketched with ultimate furry appeal. An overlay of glitter on the pages adds textural dimension as well as sparkle appeal for youngsters. Just the right amount of fancy to enchant young readers. (Picture book. 3-6) Copyright Kirkus 2006 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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