Killer View
by Johansen, Roy; Johansen, Iris (FRW)

Hired by an incarceration consultant, who prepares wealthy people for prison, to find his missing partner, army vet and former bodyguard for the rich and famous Jessie Mercado learns just how far someone will go to keep the fate of one man hidden.

Roy Johansen began his professional writing career with his original screenplay for "Murder 101," for which he won the national FOCUS award, sponsored by Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Martin Scorsese. The movie stars Pierce Brosnan, and the script won the Edgar Allen Poe award from the Mystery Writers of America in the Best Television Miniseries or Movie category.

Johansen has also collaborated with comic book legend Stan Lee in creating The Accuser superhero character and has written screenplays for Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Disney, and MGM. His novels include The Answer Man, Beyond Belief, and Deadly Visions in addition to nine works co-authored with Iris Johansen.

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When CIA observational and analytical wizard Kendra Michaels refers a client to her pal, private investigator Jessie Mercado, it's far from a typical missing person case. The vanished individual is Carl Ferris, partner with Owen Blake in a firm that provides unique services for those about to be imprisoned, everything from arranging physical protection on the inside to managing the minutiae of their lives on the outside. Although Jessie would prefer to work solo, her new friends-with-benefits relationship with movie superstar Jake Brice gives her some added muscle and perspective. Ricocheting from Ventura Beach to the desert east of L.A., their sleuthing plunges them deep into the world of corporate finance and for-profit prisons, where a well-connected executive employs deadly means to protect her secrets. As a key secondary player in the Kendra Michaels series, Jessie Mercado has been steadily coming into her own. Physically unstoppable, intellectually nimble, and emotionally grounded, Jessie deserves to carry the action in what promises to be a breakout direction for the prolific Johansen thriller franchise. Copyright 2022 Booklist Reviews.

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