Mother's Lie
by Zettel, Sarah

"Beth Fraser finally has her life together. She's built a successful career in the tech sector, has a bright fifteen-year-old daughter, and she's completely erased all evidence of her troubled past. At least that's what she thought. Dana Fraser always wondered why she's the only kid with two backup phones, emergency drills, and a non-negotiable check-in time every single day. When a stranger approaches her on the street claiming to be her grandmother, Dana starts to question what else her mother has beenhiding. Soon Beth's worst nightmare is coming true: Dana is in grave danger, and unless Beth is willing to pull one last con job for her parents, she may never see her daughter again"-

Sarah Zettel is an award-winning author. She has written more than thirty novels and multiple short stories over the past twenty-five years, in addition to hiking, cooking, stitching all the things, marrying a rocket scientist, and raising a rapidly growing son.

Dana Fraser is stuck. The teen's extremely protective mother, Beth, keeps her own and her daughter's whereabouts secret from Beth's grifter parents, whose doings she tracks with the help of a private detective. But Dana is both curious and generous, and when her grandmother shows up and wants a relationship, she secretly goes along with the plan. Readers discover that Beth has good reason for keeping her parents far away, as their schemes and crimes threaten to destroy the lives of those around them unless Beth can use her own wiles against the sleazy couple. As she did in The Other Sister (2018), Zettel creates a realistic, infuriatingly dysfunctional family, with which many readers will be all too familiar. A highlight is the portrayal of Dana and Beth's relationship, with love and aggravation entwining to make a mother-daughter bond to remember. As well as recommending Zettel's other works, suggest that patrons track down The Riches, a scammers-under-the-microscope TV series (2007-08) starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

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