Self-Employment Survival Guide : Proven Strategies to Succeed as Your Own Boss
by Yocum, Jeanne; Lesonsky, Rieva (FRW)

The Self-Employment Survival Guide paints a comprehensive picture of what it’s like to be your own boss. The joys of self-employment are included along with key behaviors essential to success. Covering topics like securing business, working with clients, managing schedules, and more, this work is for anyone who is or is considering self-employment.

Jeanne Yocum has been self-employed as a public relations consultant and ghostwriter since 1989. She is the co-author of New Product Launch: 10 Proven Strategies and Ban the Humorous Bazooka and Other Roadblocks and Speed Bumps Along the Innovation Highway. She has also ghostwritten six other business books. Her blog, www.succeedinginsmallbusiness, provides advice for small business owners.Jeanne Yocum lives in Durham, NC, with her husband, Robert Ickrath, and a puggle named Molly.

Yocum's guide is practical, intuitive, and based on her decades of experience as a solopreneur, a self-employed professional. She has been there, seen it, done that. A PR expert and ghostwriter-coauthor of other business books, she lays bare the inner and outer souls of those 10-plus million people working for themselves, with good insights and remedies to solve almost any issue. Short chapters focused on one singular aspect of the business-selling, time management, continual learning-describe the situation, then provide coping strategies, while other voices chime in from sidebars to confirm the solution. One example that plagues many self-workers: fluctuating workloads. As Yocum admits, it's either too heavy or too light-and never just right. Sound familiar? No remedies here. Instead, she advises: "What you need to focus on during slow times is not painting the spare bedroom but rather new business activities that will bring in more work." Misery might love company; then again, company prefers success. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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