Follow Me, Flo!
by Jarvis

Following her father to visit a relative's new nest, Flo the duck sings a little song containing directions to her destination before changing the tune into a nonsense song and wandering off into the path of a sneaky fox. By the award-winning creator of Alan's Big, Scary Teeth. Illustrations.

Jarvis is an award-winning author-illustrator and animator whose books include Tropical Terry; Mrs. Mole, I&;m Home!; and Alan&;s Big, Scary Teeth. Jarvis lives in Manchester, England.

A young duckling learns the importance of following directions. Flo, a tiny yellow duck, likes to do things her own way. Instead of eating seeds and berries like all the other little ducks, she would rather have ice cream. And instead of preening herself clean, she splashes through muddy puddles. Daddy Duck, well versed in his daughter's wild ways, is worried when they set off to visit Auntie Jenna. He doesn't want Flo to become lost, so he sings a tune to keep her close. "We're off to somewhere new. / So stick to me like glue. // ... / Follow me UP.... // Follow me DOWN.... / Look straight ahead and NOT AROUND!" The song doesn't quite suit Flo, so she makes up a new one. Unfortunately, her tune causes her to stray away from Daddy Duck—straight into the path of a hungry fox! Flo remembers the words to Daddy's song just in time and finds him again quickly. Reminiscent of Mabela the Clever, retold by Margaret Read MacDonald and illustrated by Tim Coffey (2001), another sprightly protagonist in a tale of fatherly advice, this plucky li ttle ducky is sure to elicit smiles. Jarvis' brightly scrawled style creates busy, colorful spreads that are punctuated with many tiny insect friends throughout, leavening the chase scene; Flo is never completely alone. This lively little ditty is just ducky. (Picture book. 3-6) Copyright Kirkus 2019 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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