Mi Casa Is My Home
by Sala, Laurenne; Hoang, Zara Gonzalez (ILT)

In this bilingual picture book celebration of family life, young readers are invited into Lucia's home where she takes them on a tour of her busy and cozy casa and introduces them to her beautiful familia. Illustrations.

Lucía lives in a yellow house with her large and loving family, and in Sala and Hoang's warm picture book, readers are invited to walk through her cozy home. We begin with the door, where her abuela likes to stand and say hello to the neighbors passing by, and as we explore the rest of her home, we begin to understand the importance of each room to Lucía and her family. The text is a combination of English and Spanish that forms a seamless Spanglish prose that many bilingual children will recognize. The multimedia illustrations are colorful and large, often taking up entire spreads, excellent for single or group readings. Hoang is effective in portraying a diverse extended family, and the sense of a close-knit home is ever present throughout the illustrations and text as Lucía walks us through each room. Sala and Hoang have created a book that celebrates home, family, and togetherness that will leave readers feeling right at home with Lucía. Preschool-Grade 2. Copyright 2021 Booklist Reviews.

Little Lucía takes readers on a tour of the house where she lives with her "big, loud, beautiful familia." As Lucía moves from space to space, readers meet the many family members that live in or visit the house and all the activities and interactions they have. She enters through la puerta, from which Abuela waves at the neighbors, to la sala, where she makes forts out of sofa cushions with her cousins and the cousins of her cousins. From there, readers travel through la cocina, where on special holidays Abuelo cooks his masterpiece turkey "a la española," and back outside to el patio, where "I turn the music muy muy alta para bailar y bailar y bailar." In el baño, "Abuela says, "Sana sana colita de rana!" as she tends to Lucía's scraped knee. Then there's el cuarto de mis hermanos, where she sometimes sneaks in "when I need un abrazo extra" from her brothers. She ends the tour at "mi habitación," which has a bright sign on the door: LUCÍA'S ROOM! This sweet family story will be best enjoyed by readers who speak both Spanish and English, as Lucía uses Spanglish, seamlessly moving back and forth between the two languages. The accompanying illustrations have a charming childlike feel that complements Lucía's cheer and provides visual context for readers who don't speak Spanish. Lucía's family members represents the Latinx community's racial diversity. A warm family account that will ring true with many Latinx children. (Picture book. 4-6) Copyright Kirkus 2021 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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