by Peacock, Lou; Ismail, Yasmeen (ILT)

"This memorable story will help toddlers (and caregivers) connect behavior to the language of sharing." —Kirkus Reviews

When a little squirrel finds a big pile of nuts, she is very excited! But soon she is joined by another squirrel . . . and this squirrel thinks the nuts belong to him. When Rabbit, Bear, and Badger get involved, things get very confusing indeed! They won't even listen to wise old Owl. Will the squirrels ever learn to share?

Lou Peacock has a degree in English literature from Oxford University and has worked in children’s publishing for nearly twenty years. She started her editorial career working on novelty books and poetry, but has focused on picture books for the last eighteen years and often writes picture books for Nosy Crow, including Oliver Elephantand Lionel and the Lion’s Share.

Yasmeen Ismail is an award-winning author, illustrator, and animator whose projects range from advertising to children’s publishing. She is the author-illustrator of Christmas for Greta and Gracie. She lives in Bristol, England, with her husband.

Independently discovering the same treasure trove of nuts, two squirrels each delightedly exclaim, "Nuts! My nuts." But while preparing to haul the horde away in their respective wheelbarrow and wagon, they encounter one another and squabbles ensue as to who the nuts belong to. While bear, badger, and others offer varying opinions ("His nuts!"; "Her nuts!"; "Your nuts . . . and your nuts"), the squirrels' conflict intensifies into tantrums, followed by quiet fuming and sulking. But, eventually, the bushy-tailed pair, between themselves, find resolution, bringing harmony, happiness-and nuts for both-along with perspective and understanding about the pleasure of enjoying things together. Peacock's minimal text nicely depicts the concept of sharing, and the repetition and lively formatting does an effective job of conveying not only possessive pronouns but a variety of emotions, particularly in tandem with Ismail's bold, bright simply rendered mixed-media illustrations. Featuring an engaging animal cast, this amiable, read-aloud-friendly picture book tackles a subject, including concepts of possessiveness and the mutual rewards of generosity, in an approach that will likely resonate with the younger set. Preschool-Kindergarten. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

A cluster of fallen nuts is the setting for an exploration of one of life's most difficult concepts: not mine? A fuzzy, red squirrel in blue overalls pushing a wheelbarrow is first on the scene, delighted to claim "my" nuts. This assumption is soon challenged by a compatriot in a yellow dress with a red wagon. Clinging to the same morsel as other creatures take sides ("His nuts!" "Her nuts!"), the duo faces off across the gutter while a rabbit tries to impose reason by division, suggesting "Your nuts... / and your nuts." This leads to full-blown tantrums and a cooling-off period while the rodents sit, miffed, in their respective patches of grass. The action all takes place in the foreground. Vibrant, mixed-media animals and hints of landscaping are easy to follow against cream-colored pages. There are ladybugs and bees to count, a snail's progress to track, and a minimal text in a large font; these elements, combined with the theme, make this a title that will serve young children well, visually and conceptually. Finally, the squirrel in blue thinks of a different pronoun: "Our nuts?" Peace is restored, and the departing characters summarize the solution: "Their nuts!" By the time the duo discovers apples, it seems they have assimilated their new vocabulary. This memorable story will help toddlers (and caregivers) connect behavior to the language of sharing. (Picture book. 2-4) Copyright Kirkus 2019 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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