All Ketchup, No Mustard!
by Tharp, Jason

When a spicy mustard packet tries to make everyone grumpy, friends Nugget, a chicken nugget, and Dog, a hot dog, come to the rescue by starting a K .E.T.C.H.U.P. club to fight back with kindness. 5,000 first printing. Simultaneous. Illustrations.

Jason Tharp has dreamed of being an author and inventing crazy creatures since he was a kid. Being an obsessive daydreamer and doodler has led him to create many licensed properties, write books, and design clothing and various other products. Jason's story proves that with hard work, determination, and a sprinkle of magic, anything is possible. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his super-awesome wife and kids, plus one extremely fat kitty.

A punny good-versus-evil story populated by fast foods kicks off a graphic-novel series for chapter-book readers. One day, (chicken) Nugget and (hot) Dog, best friends since preschool, search for "cool old stuff" in Great-Grandpa Frank Furter's attic and find a picture of Gramps as a K.E.T.C.H.U.P. Crusader. K.E.T.C.H.U.P. stands for "Kind / Empathetic / Thoughtful / Courageous / Helpful / Unique / Powerful," and, many years ago, K.E.T.C.H.U.P. Crusaders saved Gastropolis from Mayo Naze and her evil mold. Nugget and Dog adopt the motto "less mean, more K.E.T.C.H.U.P." and decide to revitalize K.E.T.C.H.U.P. Crusaders. But Dijon, Mayo Naze's great-grandson, has a different idea and launches his "greatest evil plan yet": G.R.U.M.P.S., or "Giant Real Ugly Monsters with Perfect Scowls." Dijon's first monster, Stomp, terrorizes Gastropolis, but no one knows what the monster really wants. Brains? Breans? When the Crusaders ask, they find out Stomp just wants...beans-and friends. They are happy to provide both. But..."K.E.T.C.H.U.P. Crusaders might have won this time... / ...but this is just the beginning of what Dijon Mustard can do. Mwahaha!" Nine chapters ranging in length from two to 10 pages keep the action moving, but newly independent readers will need to follow the illustration clues to understand the early-chapter shifts between Nugget and Dog and Dijon as well as the flashback that introduces K.E.T.C.H.U.P. Crusaders. A preface on how to read comics should help. A dastardly villain, a dash of humor, and a dollop of K.E.T.C.H.U.P. combine to model positive social skills. (Graphic fiction. 5-8) Copyright Kirkus 2021 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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